Faradid Turbo Sanat is using different machining processes which can be classified as turning, drilling, grinding, and milling. These processes are used after casting, forging, and welding processes as finishing process. An unfinished or semi-finished workpiece need to have some material cut away to create a finished product. A finished product would be a workpiece that meets all dimensional requirements which cannot be achieved by casting, forging or welding.

Machining steam turbine blades from a round bar or forged, and machining or grinding the root of cast gas turbine blades have been done extensively in this company.

Machining stator carrier, turbine diaphragm and similar parts and component after welding process help us to achieve a product with precise dimensions.

For doing machining process with high accuracy, it is essential to design and manufacture suitable fixtures, and also design suitable machining process. We are doing design with up to date engineering software and using trained engineers.

Also for manufacturing injection mould for investment casting process and die for forging process, we used machining processes as preliminary steps of production.