Forging process is involving the shaping of metal using compressive forces. In hot forging, metal is heated before putting it in die and imposing pressure on it. Forged parts are widely used in mechanisms and machines wherever a component requires high strength. Usually, forging parts require further processing such as machining to achieve a serviceable part. Forging can produce a part that is stronger than an equivalent cast part. In forging process in addition to do engineering work for designing die and tooling, it is necessary to design forging process parameters such as preheat time and temperature and imposing force.

FTS company is widely used forging process for manufacturing turbine parts such as gas turbine blades, generator fan blades, turbine disks, and other parts. Depending on parts dimensional tolerances, some blades are forging to near net shape. For instance, for fan blades there is no need to do machining on airfoil.

We are forging different types of materials such as: Aluminum alloys, steels, and Nickel based superalloys.